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Creating Art With Art: Wedding Details Creating Art With Art: Wedding Details Creating Art With Art: Wedding Details

Creating Art With Art: Wedding Details

When I take photos during a wedding, I am always looking for a few key elements: Best lighting, Best surroundings, and Best framing. For this post I want to focus on the best surroundings. As wedding photographers, we aren’t always blessed with the best surroundings to make our images dreamy and breath-taking, but you can bet that we are expected to and should strive to do so with every shoot!! 

Before I took these photos, I walked around the building looking like a total weirdo (like I normally do!) peering around corners and looking very intently at random chairs or tabletops to shoot on! Ha. Can you imagine seeing someone become infatuated with a coffee table in the middle of a Marriott! So weird… Well this is exactly what I did to create these images. 

I found a great reflective end table with a slate colored planter sitting on top of it and a lovely piece of art hanging above it. I took the painting off the wall and set it on top of table for a colorful, and textured background. Then I used the planter as a prop and background itself. The resulting photos were better than I had hoped for!

Take that extra time, and really push yourself to create beautiful art WITH the beautiful art that is all around us! As wedding photographers, we all owe it to our clients to photograph every detail of their special day, to the best of our abilities!

- Ryan




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