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Martha & Joe

Dear Martha & Joe,

What started as a wonderfully normal engagement shoot ended with quite the turn of events, didn't it?!? How on earth could we have foreseen getting locked into....the woods?! You guys won the ULTIMATE troopers awards. Hate that we were already booked for your wedding but love that we got to shoot your engagement pictures! :)


Maura and Ryan

{{for those of you reading that weren't at this shoot, here's the back story.. ryan and i saw this dirt road close to where we were shooting part of our session. we wandered up the dirt road and find a CAVE. If any of you are friends with a photographer then y'all know how often we tend to trespass.. yes, usually we like to go knock on doors and get permission when we can, however, there was no door to knock on to this cave... probably not the smartest thing we did all day but man the pictures turned out COOL! soooo we SEMI get caught but we were outside the cave at this point so he didn't actually see us inside his cave. the man politely told us it was private property so we plead ignorance and packed up. on our way back out we soon realize this man LOCKED the gate which was the only entrance/exit we knew of to this dirt road. we figured he did it so we would have to call the cops to come unlock it therefore turning ourselves in at the same time. there are boulders lining the drive so you can't get your car through anywhere but the GATE. crap. it's getting dark so we decide to drive in the opposite direction and pray for an out. i pulled up google satellite maps and navigated our way literally through TREES, almost getting both ryan's and our client's cars stuck AND barely make our way out of this awful situation. this is the short story. our clients had smiles on their faces the WHOLE time..needless to say ryan and i decided to be a little more careful from now on. but it was quite the adventure!!}}



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